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Residual Sugar is.... tom ("Just tom" :), playing twelve string, electric six string, hand percussion, vocals; Mr. "Big John" Wheeler, playing electric ukulele, electric six string, stand-up bass, vocals; Mr. Robert Crummet playing electric six string, vocals; with guest performances by Mr. Randy Foisy, playing mandarin and Mr. Clinton Heise, playing violin.

tom and Big John
"Big John" and tom


tom -

"Just tom" comes from a large, musical family wuth whom he started singing and playing music with as a young child. Like many musicians, he started singing and playing music in the church choir and school music programs. Later, after moving to California, he began recording and playing music with his good friend, lead guitar player, sound engineer and producer, the late Mr. Rafael Holguin. Working together on the project called "The Oneness Band" along with other friends three albums were released from 1997-2004. When Ray passed away two and a half years ago tom took a sabbatical for a couple of years, during which time he met Mr. "Big John" Wheeler and started this new project, "Residual Sugar," along with great guitarist and long time friend and recording partner, Mr. Robert Crummett.

"Big John" Wheeler -

John Wheeler has been a Napa musician for the last 3 years. His unique ukulele instrumentals are an exciting and distinct feature of any Residual Sugar performance. John also doubles on guitar and vocals. John’s credits include playing with Dick Dale and the Del Tones and The Legendary Safaris. He performs locally with the Ralph Woodson Trio.


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